mel_pa (mel_pa) wrote in hothead_paisan,

My Idea of Laughing at Rape is Blowing Away Rapists

I'm new here, I discovered Hothead years ago and there's no going back! :)

Recently, a was part of a slash blog until I found in the user page in the discription was "rape/torture". As you can imagine I was pissed off I assumed it was some sexist jerk, so I contacted the moderator. The moderator is a rape or sexual abuse survivor who said laughing at rape is a way for her "to survive in this fucked up world". I don't know is she someone who's identifying with perpertrators to feel less like a victim,
maybe her mom was a silent partner (a family member, usually the mom who knows about the sexual abuse but says nothing in other words failing to proect the victim). Laughing, at who's expense? My idea of laughing at rape is blowing away rapists.
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